As the owner and photographer at PBJ Photography by Jodi, I've dedicated myself to capturing the full essence of each wedding day. Over the years, I've found that truly capturing the spirit and detail of your special day cannot be condensed into brief snapshots. That’s why I've set a minimum coverage of 4 hours for smaller weddings and elopements, and 8 hours for full weddings. Here’s a deeper look into my reasoning:

Small Weddings and Elopements: A Minimum of 4 Hours

When couples think about photography for a small wedding or an elopement, they often imagine it'll only require a photographer for an hour or two. However, experience has shown me that these events are never just about taking a few quick family photos. What starts as a small gathering often grows into a larger assembly as everyone wants to be captured in the celebration, leading to extended family and friends joining in. These moments are precious, and each one deserves to be remembered.

Moreover, capturing the true essence of even the smallest ceremony takes time. From the anticipation and quiet moments before the ceremony to the celebration afterward, these hours are packed with rich details and intimate moments that tell your unique story. It's not just about photographing the main event but also about capturing the ambiance, the setting, the emotions, and the unexpected moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Full Weddings: A Minimum of 8 Hours with Two Shooters

Full weddings are bustling with activites and moments that you’ll want to remember forever. With so much time and effort poured into this day, from the early morning preparations to the late-night dances, every detail matters. Limiting coverage to less than 8 hours risks missing key elements of your day. With two photographers, we ensure comprehensive coverage, capturing multiple perspectives and moments happening simultaneously. This approach ensures that the narrative of your day is complete and nothing important is missed.

More Than Just Saving Money

Choosing to have a photographer for the entire event isn’t just about the extra hours; it’s about ensuring that you're not cheating yourself out of memories. Sometimes, the moments that seem inconsequential at the time become the ones you hold dearest. By opting for comprehensive coverage, you ensure that these moments are captured, providing you with a fuller, richer album of your wedding day.

Investing in full coverage is investing in the assurance that no part of your day is overlooked. It’s about having a tangible, vivid reminder of your day that you can relive time and again. This isn’t just about photographs—it’s about preserving your history.

At PBJ Photography by Jodi, I am committed to capturing every laugh, tear, and dance. Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I believe in giving it the attention and dedication it deserves.